Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chitikuko, folks

"Chitikuko" (misspelled) means development. That is my goal.

For this page, for myself, and for the people who are passionate about international women's human rights. Here I want to learn and to educate, to write and to read, to share and to add to my community.

Let's start with the American media, seeing as how I am an American and am currently residing in America. The news is incredibly biased, of course, toward an "American" point of view, often leaving out important stories of inspiring work being done in developing countries. Democracy Now is absolutely the best news source in the United States for those interested in the workings of humanity and I hope you'll check it out. And, of course, for all the latest and greatest on women's issues, check out Women's E News if you have not already done so.

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Joslin said...

Jenna! Can i just say that i absolutely LOVE democracy now and LOVE the fact that you think it is the best news out there as well! i recently even applied for a job with them as a special assistant to the executive producer (amy goodman)-i mean, i would move to frickin new york city i believe so much in that station. hope you are swell and one of these days we must catch up!